Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My brief take on the semester

This is a little something I wrote up for the KSU Orvieto blog that my professors posted, and I thought I'd post it up here too... Words after more than fifteen weeks of studying in Italy… Well, it’s not easy. In January, 21 of us were submerged into a unique culture without adequate preparation for what the semester was about to bring. Now, we are heading back home with countless unanticipated lessons in our hearts. We have all experienced enough to write multiple novels, but to name a few–every single K-State student living in Orvieto this Spring 2010 semester has: designed & completed two studio projects using the metric system; taken more pictures than could fit into a legitimate photo album; become accustomed to walking down the cobblestone roads at an ‘Italian pace’; learned why there is such a saying as “When in Rome”; cooked Italian meals successfully (more or less) entirely from scratch & via experimentation; seen more cats than ever realized even existed; tasted more wine + cappuccinos than would be considered normal back home; worn the same clothes for so long that Orvieto’s local trash bins will most likely soon carry the majority of them; said the word “whispie” too many times as a regular reminder to one another without concern for explanation; learned how to speak Italian fluently….; experienced some of the most admired cities in the world through regular field trips; and realized just what it means to appreciate the beauty that is given to us throughout our everyday lives. I think it’s safe to claim that each one of us will be more than slightly disheartened to leave this amazing city, not to mention this beautiful country, come May 8. We have absorbed more than we could ever calculate throughout this valuable time. It has been an unforgettable, life changing, beyond what could have ever been expected study abroad experience, and I’m certain we are all departing as changed individuals. Sarah Pink

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