Thursday, January 28, 2010

I guess I haven't really explained the actual studies part of why I'm here yet... There are 21 students from Kstate and we have classes at a study center like studio with 2 ksu professors, a seminar, history of Italy, and an Italian speaking class. Our first studio project is really cool; we are split into our apartments as groups and were assigned a different section of Orvieto to explore and map out all the important historical/entertainment venues. Next Monday, we will be giving the rest of our class a tour of our area & what we found as important. It should be really exciting for my group cuz we got the part of Orvieto with some of the more breathtaking views of the edge of the town's cliff & views out below the town... Lots of walking is involved with living here, that's for sure!!!!! Everyday my roommates and I have been finding new cute little shops to look around, and I've gotten a few really neat things like Orvieto chocolate, wine, and paper/notebooks. There is a market every Thursday and Saturday in one of the big Piazzas, and you can get things like fruit & veggies, cheeses, clothes, meats, and other random necessities. We went to a (very) small fresh pasta store and bought spinach ravioli and had it for dinner--fantastic!!! My roommates and I have been cooking every night, and it's always so fun. I'm proud of our new found skills! In case anyone wants to check out the blog my professors are keeping, here it is: Okay that's all I got right now.

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