Monday, January 25, 2010

Settimana Due

This will be basically the first week that our classes start. Our first studio project is a study of 5 different sections of Orvieto which the professors split up, and will be done with our roommates. We need to study our specific section, i.e. walk around and explore, and then give a tour of what we've found to our classmates next week. The first weekend here was fun!! My 4 roommates and I cooked dinner Friday + Saturday night.. Our first time cooking, a cheese paper wrapper got too close to the stove and caught on fire! Carrie blew it out, it was hillarious. We found a nice little bar not far from my apartment called Blue Bar. The owners are a married couple who speak English pretty well, and we now have Italian friends! Alyssa and I went into a paper shop last week and talked some with the girl who worked there.. They make their own paper with different designs and it's really cool looking! She told us if we get our group together, she could set up a time for us all to make the paper. We did a lot of walking this weekend, just exploring the town.. The edge of Orvieto is awesome since the whole town is basically raised up, so the edges are gigantic cliffs--very pretty! Everything is so green too. Italian is getting easier.. somewhat! My roommates and I are attempting to learn more. I went out to eat last night with a few friends at Chef Lorrenzo's restaurant--a worldwide famous chef.... BEST food (and wine) we've eaten yet!!! I want to eat there everyday. Molto buono. I'm off to studio! Ciao! :)

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