Tuesday, February 16, 2010

non lo so.

I should've written something on Sunday, but I've been procrastinating... So basically last Friday was our day trip to Florence for the second time. We went to the Uffizi Museum--one of the most famous art museums. It was a pretty quick day, but of course our Friday day field trips are always pretty exhausting since it takes a couple hours by train to travel there + back, so we leave pretty early in the mornings and by the time we get back it's about past dinner time. However, the long day in Florence apparently didn't stop a bunch of us from going out Friday night to a local Orvieto bar-where we have all become close acquaintances with the bartenders-and where they had a live band playing music, and we danced... Then Saturday morning was our cooking class with Chef Lorenzo!!! Which started at 8:30am and it was awesome! (As tired as I may have been) The group of 21 of us + our 2 professors were split into two cooking class groups--one on Thursday, and one Saturday. And all of us actually had a wine tasting class thing after the Thursday group's day of cooking. Lorenzo is a world-famous chef, and he has a restaurant Zepplin's right down the street from my apartment in Orvieto that is phenomenal. We started the morning off with shots of Grappa and a glass of Champagne, we all went to the market to get the food we were going to make, then we went back to the restaurant and were all assigned to cook a different thing (I made bread) and we drank wine and ate an awesome lunch of homemade pasta, pizza, bread, wild boar, and a delicious cake! The meal ended at like 4pm with yet another shot of Grappa, and espresso+Sambuca...... I mean, needless to say I went home and slept for several hours. And THEN, since we had been cooking with the several chefs at the restaurant all day, who happen to be Americans, they invited us all to go to a dance club with them that night after they got off work which was down at the bottom of the hill from Orvieto. So when we woke up from our day-long-cooking-coma later that evening, we got ready, painted our faces + dressed up all crazy (since carnevale was still going on here until today) and went to this dance club at like 1am!! Oh, and we got a ride TO the club from Chef Lorenzo... What?!! It was epic. Everyone at the club had on costumes like it was Halloween. And we danced, and danced alllll night long. It was the best, most crazy time I've had since I've been here. And there are only more nights to come..... :) We leave tomorrow morning for Pompeii & will be there until Friday...so I will write again after that!

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