Saturday, February 20, 2010


Throughout this semester, we have a few longer field trips--meaning longer than just a day. Our first one was a trip south to Pompeii this past week. We went Wednesday morning and returned yesterday (Friday) late afternoon. We travelled by bus, which was a nice change from the train, and we stayed in a pretty decent hotel just in walking distance to the main Pompeii area. We stopped Wednesday on the way in Herculaneum and saw a bunch of ruins.. It was very close to Naples, which is pretty trashy & sketchy, so.. Wednesday night a group of us went to our professors' favorite restaurant and got amaaaazing pizzas, it was a pretty nice restaurant and it was just so good that Alyssa Paul + I went back the next night too... Then we saw Pompeii roman ruins on Thursday--got a lot of cool pictures, and Friday we stopped in Caserta and saw the Royal Palace, which was awesome! (Seriously, if you don't know it-look it up. cuz I didn't take my camera in on account 'a it was mostly inside + then raining when we left...hard. But it's gorgeous.) Seeing all the ruins was pretty incredible & neat cause our two professors have pretty much spent their lives studying & exploring all of them. They were very knowledgeable. The ruins are thousands of years old, and much of what's been uncovered is not even half of what's all burried... (the pic is from Pompeii) For those who are reading and don't know about the pictures I've been posting to my web albums, you can see those through this blog site, I just added the link it should be at the top right. Also, random, but I just wanted to mention how different it is to go grocery shopping here, because I just went. I mean, I've talked about the weekly market already, so that was this morning. But going to grocery stores is an adventure. Sometimes they charge if you need a bag, so we often bring our own, and they just kinda throw your stuff down the end of the counter and you have to bag it yourself and pay. It can be flustering. My roommies and I just this afternoon went down to a large grocery store at the bottom of the hill of Orvieto called COOP (pronounced co op), which you have to take this little tain-like thing that takes you down the hill, called the funiculare-it's really cool. The weather has been funky today too.. It was nice when we went down, but when we came out of the store there were some serious storm clouds brewin above Orvieto, and by the time we got back up near our apartment it was raining pretty good. And now its sunny. But yeah, that's about all I got now. Here's a cool pic from the last night in Pompeii downtown. Oh yeah, and lastly--I'm going to Milan and Switzerland for spring break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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