Monday, February 8, 2010

trip #2

So last Friday (the 5th) was Florence, where to begin... Well besides the fact that it was kind of a bummer as far as weather, it was awesome. We went early Friday morning like all weekly field trips, and a group of about 9 of us stayed the night in a hostel, and came back to Orvieto Saturday evening. It was tiring but so fun, it was rainy and cloudy the whole time so the pics I got have white skies, and we all felt pretty disgusting after walking for two days in the rain with no showers. But it was still incredible and so worth the stink. I lost my umbrella somewhere along the way though, and had to buy a new one for 3 euro. oops. The hostel was nice and cheap for all of us. And the last place we stopped at on the field trip part of Friday morning was Santa Croce, and in the Piazza in front of the church was a huge chocolate convention! It was fantastic. We were all in awe and in a very intense sugar coma later that afternoon! Marco explained how the city's name, Firenze, means the 'city of the flower', which I thought was beautiful. The only thing that was somewhat disappointing about the city was how many english speakers were there... That must be one of the most popular cities for americans to study in or something!! The shopping was just outrageous... I made a couple purchases, as did everyone else... (Don't worry mom+dad, I'm watching my budget! ;) ) We all then woke up Saturday morning, checked out of the hostel, and went to the top of the Duomo (the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore). There were 460+ stairs to climb, it was an adventure, but once at the top it was AWESOME!!!! It was so cool to not only see but CLIMB to the top of a famous duomo we've studied & learned so much about. Brunelleschi is a God, and my life is complete. Or at least it will be after this semester..... I'm off to help out at yet another dinner party in my kitchen :) life. is. good.

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